I had the honour of witnessing New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden speak this weekend in Toronto at the “2012: Gateway to Your Future” conference, and what an exciting treat that was! His knowledge, insights, and humour kept the crowd completely immersed in a unified consciousness as time simply disappeared into some “divine matrix” enveloping each and every one of us. It is therefore no mystery that the energy Gregg Braden has infused in his books has also succeeded in influencing the science fiction world through Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress.

For those of you who are familiar with his natural ability to bridge the gap between science and spirituality through well-written and insightful books such as “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”, “The Divine Matrix”, “Fractal Time”, and most recently “Deep Truth”, to name a few, the hidden messages peppered throughout the first novel in the Nemecene series suggests a hint of foreshadowing you can undoubtedly connect with. The exact matrix of elements from Gregg Braden’s work which have woven their way into the evolving mystery surrounding the main characters, Keeto and Elize, are yet to be revealed, but they are nonetheless entwined in the very lives of all those touched by this Epoch of Redress, readers and players alike.

The boundary between reality and fiction is indeed blurred as even the words on the pages do not exist as separate entities but rather just further manifestations floating in the vibrational soup we call life. Does Nathruyu, the evasive outsider, harbour a hidden wisdom? Or does she simply remember that which Keeto and Elize have lost touch with, if there were such a thing? And what about you, the reader? Is there a form of expression called science fiction or any manner of fiction? Could the Nemecene epoch actually already exist in the collective consciousness of our humanity patiently waiting to be discovered and to take centre stage?

The realm of possibilities is infinite, yet as Gregg Braden plainly states: “our world is nothing more than a reflection of what we accept in our beliefs”. And if our beliefs create our reality, then are the mysterious “they” haunting the steps of Nathruyu eternally confined to ink and paper as mere manifestations in a futuristic novel or could they also be brushing up against us today beyond our capacity to sense them…if we believe?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with these answers, not because I do not know them (I am the creator of the Nemecene reality, after all), but because it would rob you of the opportunity to explore your own beliefs and to share your unique perspective as the mystery unfolds in the episodes to come.

However, dare I suggest that there may be another ex-engineer connected to the same consciousness yet physically separate from me who may be able to formulate a plausible hypothesis? Someone I perhaps met this weekend and who graciously received my gratitude for his gift of inspiration by accepting a personally dedicated copy of Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress, a creative interpretation of his philosophy applied to the science fiction realm.

Thank you Gregg for crossing my journey’s path and sparking my imagination with your words.