Nemecene Audio Trailer, A Science Fiction Adventure

Nemecene : The Epoch of Redress audio trailer by science fiction author Karen (Kaz) Lefave, starring Elley-Ray Hennessy. What better way for science fiction author Kaz Lefave to bring the futuristic Nemecene world to life than to produce a compelling audio trailer that expresses the mystery, adventure, and intrigue of Nemecene : The Epoch of Redress through sound.

There is no need to physically see the images play out on a crystal display; simply set your eyes free and let your ears be the conduit for a visual experience playing in your mind’s eye. Let your imagination take you where Nathruyu has been. Let the reality of today’s world project you into a future you know in your heart is coming soon.

It all started with a thought, a desire to produce an experience that could jump out of the printed pages while capturing the imagination of the listener. In the fast paced, results driven, commuter heavy world that we live in, many choose to devote their eyes to more immediate tasks.

Reading has become a quest for factual information and directly applicable knowledge rather than a means to tease and expand the creative mind, rather than a means to reconnect with our inner child. Time spent in earnest, seeking a broadening experience through literature is highly valued and the menu is onerous.

How can a science fiction author express herself in such a way as to allow the eyes to focus on scurrying from here to there while offering a taste of something exciting and worth discovering? How can a science fiction author pop out of the book shelf?

Enter Elley-Ray Hennessy and Darryl Hogan from Broadview Studios, an actress with a voice to ensnare the tiny little hairs in your ears, and a sound engineer to hijack the photocells behind your eyeballs. Add to that Kaz Lefave, a former engineer and now Nemecene science fiction author looking to tap you on the shoulder and say “Hey! Do you really think this is fiction? Do you really think Earth has no voice?” and you have a thought provoking and artistically blunt (if there is such a thing) audio trailer that leaves you hanging, that leaves you wanting the answers, that leaves you thinking.

What will you discover?

More importantly, what will you allow yourself to discover?

Enjoy the Nemecene : The Epoch of Redress audio trailer and share your insights. The words you articulate can be the drops the ocean needs.