What is a Nemecene™ ENVOY?

ENVOYs, simply put, change the world.

Scroll down or click here to register your ENVOY card.

As an ENVOY, the more friends you add to your circles, the more status you gain and the more Nemecene™ Credits magically appear in your satchel to be redeemed for cool stuff and privileges.

This is your opportunity to be one of the esteemed members of the Nemecene™ science fiction fantasy movement intent on covering the planet in socially and environmentally conscious Muahahahas.

The process is simple …  Take the Nemecene™ Challenge to win the prize pack, build your leadership skills, and earn your place on the Q-Team.

Looking forward to seeing you thrive.

Kaz Lefave

Creator of Nemecene™ World

The Nemecene™ World is a global community of science fiction fantasy lovers who want their purchases and input to support international water and ocean stewardship.