Kaz Lefave

Creator of Nemecene™ World

science fiction fantasy author Kaz LefaveKaz Lefave is a Canadian creative with an eclectic collage of work and life history mysteriously aligned towards a singular purpose as she explores the three dimensions of human life that make us all whole.

Her thoughts hop and skip between the left and the right extremes of her brain, sending her imagination on a treasure hunt in the realms of the probable, the possible, and the what if.

Her heart dances between the raindrops on this beautiful blue planet of ours.

And her actions combine mind and spirit to create a world where people can engage in life-changing immersive experiences that inspire and empower them to think, feel, express, connect, and act in harmony with each other, nature, and our life source, water.

Kaz does this through story and connecting the dots to blend science, art, music, dance, fashion, art, words, spirit, nature, logic, leaps of faith, silliness, fun, and a taste for the as of yet inexplicable.

The Nemecene™ World is a place where her characters can share their journey with us in the present, as they discover who they are and the hidden messages in life and in the water that creates it.

We truly live in an epoch of water that is fast evolving into an epoch of redress. As founder of the Aguacene™ Fund at Tides Canada, her personal mission is to fund water stewardship projects starting in the Mackenzie River watershed and the Beaufort Sea.

What better way to do that than for Kaz to use her creative talents to share what she loves and to create a trans-media science fiction fantasy universe of novels, movies, games, community, events, etc… called Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress.


Kaz has a bachelor in Applied Science (engineering) from Queen’s University, a fashion degree from the Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy, certifications in personal training, hypnosis, and NLP, a US patent in user interface design, an IMBD credit as director of White, and has written extensively on environmental issues via WomanNotWaiting.com, LifeAsAHuman.com, and her philanthropy mission at Aguacene.com.