Nemecene: The Versal Arts

Episode 5 in the Nemecene™ Series


Testimonials on Back Cover

“KAZ has written a story I’ve never seen before. I get caught up in each book as each three characters tell their part of the events that have unfolded with the episodes I’ve read so far. I feel so drawn by Elize’s quick personality and Keeto’s journal entries that I feel like I’m in the room with them.”

— Marinela Ortiz, Nerdy Shique Universe (

“A unique and visionary experience with hidden gems throughout, anchoring readers to the truth of existence while in the same stroke of the pen enchanting us with diverse realities. The Versal Arts had me cheering for Keeto and Elize in a whole new way, I cried and held my breath as they encountered new enemies and creations from the brilliant mind of KAZ LEFAVE. Keep your morning open, you won’t want to put it down.”

— Lola Hardy, PhD Metaphysical Sciences / avid sci-fi reader

Reviews by Nemecene ENVOYs as Advance Readers …

“I couldn’t put this book down once I started to read it. The Versal Arts was a real page turner. KAZ has managed to make a world that mimics what our world will look like if we don’t stop polluting our planet. I can’t wait for the next book.”

— Elizabeth Baker Dolan, Thoughtful ENVOY

“KAZ has done it again. The Nemecene world comes to life in your imagination as you read The Versal Arts. From start to finish you become immersed. The novel has a perfect blend of treachery and loyalty, friendship and betrayal, and mystery. KAZ makes the world come alive in this alternate reality, and it was a pleasure being part of the Nemecene world.”

— Gary Forbes, Blessed ENVOY

The Versal Arts is another intriguing and thought-provoking entry to the Nemecene series. Every page had me craving to know more about the fascinating world and characters that KAZ has created. With a mix of sci-fi, mystery and environmentalism, this book and this series have something for everyone.”

— Kathryn Mitchell, Curious ENVOY

“While the rich setting and unexpected turns are very much alive, like the hybrids, The Versal Arts progresses against a backdrop that cultivates deep serenity, oneness with nature, and absolute intellect, effectively thumbing its nose at powerful disloyal actors. But in the end, its breathtakingly turbulent dénouement more than ever left me wondering where Elize and Keeto, together or separately, will moor next.”

— Hélène Vachon, Cautious ENVOY

“In this episode, the twins learn how to defend themselves by using the versal arts and how to travel through time and space. KAZ’s writing style is dense and metaphoric, while her imagination stretches the mind of the reader. Could the technologies imagined by LEFAVE have applicability on daily life? Probably. Certainly, someone should pay attention. And we are only half way through the Nemecene series!”

— Claudiu Murgan, Empowerment ENVOY, author of Water Entanglement

“KAZ has created a world so detailed it’s hard to imagine it’s fiction. This thoroughly enjoyed, artfully crafted tale draws you into its depths and leaves you thirsting for more with every turn of the page. Give way to the rush and immerse yourself!”

— Crystal C. Miller, Resilient ENVOY

“KAZ’s The Versal Arts is a wonderfully written book that kept me always wanting to know what happens next with cliffhangers on every page. The perspectives of the characters helps open the story by knowing what they are all thinking at that time.”

— Melanie McCallum, Determined ENVOY

My mind was spinning with the high political, personal and factional tension as each chapter unfolded. What is real? Is this person a clone? A ghost? An old memory? Can Izionnis REALLY be trusted? What secret is Keeto hiding? Will the twins be safe? If you like intense sci-fi stories and complex characters you will enjoy The Versal Arts.”

— Gordon Bonarchie, Skeptical ENVOY