What would a science fiction fantasy realm be without a secret mission? Muahahaha.

Are you prepared to join a global community of science fiction fantasy lovers who want their purchases and input to support international water and ocean stewardship?

The NemeceneTM World immerses us in a future flooded by dead oceans and poisonous gases, but we do not have to manifest that. How we relate to water is the key. We truly live in an epoch of water that is fast heading towards an epoch of redress.

There is no need to tiptoe as a shadow through the void to build a dynamic, rich, and imaginative world that inspires and empowers science fiction fantasy lovers to play in a conscious environment of gratitude, integrity, and excellence.

Consciousness is the first step to understanding, and understainding is the key to a thriving life. Without a healthy knowledge of who we are as creative sources in this physical world, we remain in a state of fear, self-doubt, and disbelief about our unlimited potential. These three tenants of oppression, common to dystopian fiction, simply reflect our worst nightmares. Unfortunately, 1984 has come and gone and civilization has not reversed its course.

However, we can choose gratitude, live in integrity, and expect excellence. Only through empowering ourselves with the knowledge we need to be the person we dare to dream to be, can we see the connection between ourselves, our fellow earthlings, our home planet, and the life force that connects us all — water.

So what will it take to ensure that the Nemecene epoch remains as science fiction fantasy? The answer lies within you.

Let’s keep our planet blue.

Come join twin siblings Keeto and Elize in their quest to save Elize from their mother’s fate, as they discover their own significance in a civilization shrouded by treachery, lies and deceit, yet alive with fun, humour, gadgets, incredible cities, intrigue, adventure, mystery, and occasional juicy stuff.


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