I wrote a little something this morning that wells up my eyes every time I say it out loud and completely chokes me when I try singing it (especially the last bit). Ok. So I’m no Céline Dion, but the tears are not due to my lack of perfect pitch.

I know in my heart that Canada has gone terribly wrong. And I also know in my heart that we can be strong again. We are keepers of the largest fresh water sources on the planet. We can protect life or we can destroy it.

It all comes down to our choice as individuals and as a nation.

Words are powerful. And when they are set to music and sung from deep within our diaphragm they resonate with intention…and this is mine.

Today, on our 146th birthday, I urge all Canadians who care and who are moved by Earth’s cry for help to serenade our Gaea, our home, and our life source with a Woman Not Waiting Canadian National Anthem.

Sing it LOUD and sing it PROUD!

“O Canada! My home on Native land!
True Gaea love sums up for what I stand

Car mon bras sait porter l’épée
Et proclamer ma foi

Que notre terre crée une épopée
Qui nous inclut tous toi et moi

Let’s keep our land

Tar Sand Free!

O Canada, stewards again we be

O Canada, stewards again we be!!!”

— Kaz Lefave

Now THAT is my Canada!  Do you have like-minded version of the anthem to share? I would love to hear it.

Happy Canada Day everyone!