Yay!  Since the official launch of WomanNotWaiting.com on June 27th, 2013, I have lived up to my personal commitment of one post per day. I came close to eating my words a few times, just squeaking by the midnight drop dead like a honeybee jazzed on GMO corn deadline, but perseverance paid off.

A big thank you for your support and insights during this first step in the makings of a Woman Not Waiting. I have many more steps to take and I appreciate you joining me on this soul inspired journey.

And now for some exciting math! (Remnants of an engineer; what can I say.)

Discounting the original post entitled Woman Not Waiting Unleashed, there are a total of 21 original posts in 5 categories. Each week has 7 days…so

21 / 7 = 3

Yeeehaaa! I have emerged from the famed 3-weeks-to-change-a-habit danger zone and I am free of Scott (whoever he is). I can now kick back and celebrate because the habit is entrenched in my DNA for all of eternity, the natural way. No FrankenFish omega-3s were required to retrain my  brain…so take that feeble leaders of The Frankenfood Galaxy Invasion.

What about you? Do you have cause for celebration today?

The only answer I will accept is: “Yes, Of course. I live a life of significance and I command you to throw me into a tank of mutated Skinny Mermaid Salmon, lest I forget.”

To which I reply: “Well, well, well. That’s the Woman Not Waiting spirit!”

Over the past 3 weeks, together we defended the Steward family honour as defined in What Is a Steward Anyway?, shared the Woman Not Waiting Womanifesto with existing and aspiring graceful warriors, and sprinkled shiny dots on the polka-dot path to environmental enlightenment with Welcome to Tropical Toronto.

Even my lovely and talented water fowl retrieving movie star of a poodle, Lola Ginger Rogers, got to unleash her inner “huntresse” to track down some golden eggs in some plucky duckisodes. You see her primal prey drive possesses her whenever The Ducks are Quacking.

So what will be our prizes? Any thoughts on yours?

I vote for something special and very personal that you have been denying yourself of or that you have allowed someone to deny you of for more than enough time now.

Perhaps you were waiting for something? Mmmm?

Ah, but wait no more, lass. We have a long challenging yet riveting polka-dot path ahead of us as we reclaim our water, air, and land and embrace our roles as Stewards who cherish and protect our home, Earth, and all her inhabitants.

Today, we smell the roses.

poodle smelling roses

Go ahead…sniff away

Today, Lola claims her prize of duck feathers and lounges on her fluffed up diva bed, no doubt daydreaming about roses.

And me? I have decided to recycle a tattered collection of unmentionables and replace them with a little French flare, just in case the ghost of Marilyn Monroe pops out of a subway grate. I am not waiting for the panty paparazzi to splash embarrassing wardrobe malfunction pictures of me on Facebook, that’s for sure.

And you?