BPA soup isn’t as tasty as Shark Fin Tofu Soup of course but it sure packs some yummy endocrine disruptors.

Today I thought I would start a post where links related to BPA and our plastic challenges could live. I’ll fill it up with good links for you as I come across them. Please share any links you have as well in the comments below and I’ll add them.

For now, the following article is enough BPA to digest.

It is a case of “not in our back yard” syndrome turned upside down. The North Pacific Gyre is clean compared to the biggest fresh water lakes in the world right in the back yard of millions of people.  So perhaps today can be a day of quiet reflection.

Micro plastics have been hanging out at the lake! Who let these party crashers in? We did.

This Toronto Star news story will shock you (I hope): The Water Brothers track the danger of micro plastics in our lakes.

Well, that article was a pretty serious mouthful so let’s allow the BPA soup to simmer in our brains for a bit.

Do you think this new discovery is the one that will finally inspire humanity to slay the plastic monster? Does it give you a big enough reason to sharpen your own sword? Do you have even more compelling facts and stories to share?

I think it fair to say that heels on pavement are required ASAP.