If Gaea, our mother Earth, could speak would we listen?

What if she could grab us by the ear and drag us to the time-out corner like a mother pushed beyond her happy threshold by a seriously demonic child?

Let’s count ourselves lucky then that the only living entity keeping us adults accountable is our own conscience, because Gaea IS reaching her limit and she has a strong message that this Woman Not Waiting has the honour to relay to you.


Whoops! There goes my neighbour banging on the ceiling again. Well he’d better get used to it because if Gaea doesn’t get her way I imagine there will be much more screaming going on in the middle of the night, and not the wrestling-the-garden-snake variety either. Alas.

When I wrote into my Womanifesto that “I tune-in to the Source. I accept the message with gratitude. I am a messenger.” being physically possessed by “the silent” for whom I stand was not quite the effect I was aiming for.

What change could I affect wearing a white straight-jacket in a padded cell while Nurse Ratched terrorizes me? The thought of Big Nurse constantly watching is enough to make anyone cuckoo with or without Tourette episodes.

In all fairness to Gaea’s approach, I did state that I would accept the message with gratitude and I also neglected to detail exactly how I would deliver said communications. Life is going to get very interesting.

So now that the request is out there, let’s consider how we can answer the mighty call.

  • Shop — Hunt the frackers down like you would a liquidation sale. Find out where the wells are in your community using Fracktracker (USA only for now).
  • Gossip — I never thought I would condone this deplorable behavior but you go girl. Tell everyone you know what a nasty fracker that neighbor is.
  • Nag —  I like to think of this as “persistence”, so persist all the way to the mayor’s office and chase those frackers out of town.

Of course the change starts with you and I and our own habits by embracing our stewardship and conserving as much energy as we can short of cooking our food on hot pavement, walking 30 miles to work and back, showering in the rain, talking through cups on a string, and wearing night vision goggles.

Those efforts do reduce greenhouse gases immediately while you switch over to sustainable non-combustible energy, but unfortunately they do not crack the frack cartels. The only way to do that is to run them out of town until no town will have them.

So strap on some running heels and go shopping!