Apparently there is a sinkhole epidemic going on right now and theories abound as to why the sudden reshaping of Earth’s crust. Hmmm. Sudden?

There is nothing sudden about a sinkhole spontaneously appearing out of seemingly nowhere. It’s a phenomenon that is years in the making beyond humanity’s line of sight or rather lack thereof. It’s the proverbial last straw on the camel’s back or that “wafer thin mint” if you really want to get graphic (I love Monty Python but I’m not going to put a link to that scene just in case you’re having lunch right now).

Our physical reality is filled with instances where a tipping point occurs and things start to happen at an accelerated and often irreversible pace— a subject worthy of its own post.

Sinkholes also pre-announce their impending arrival through either booms or seismic activity. Animals can sense when they are coming because of their ability to detect sound frequencies below the range that humans can hear. When the intensity of the rumbles increase enough for us to sense vibrations, our lives are very often so filled with noise pollution and mental distractions that we don’t even notice those either.

Hence we assume they appear to be “sudden”.

So let’s take a look at this epidemic from an environmental standpoint and it’s possible causes.

Are there actually more sinkhole sightings across the globe or are we just little randy bunny rabbits moving into new previously uninhabited territory?

The answer I’ll go with is: both.

We witness more naturally occurring sinkholes by virtue of the fact that we are procreated quite eagerly AND we treat the earth like a bottomless juicy Tetra Pak. We’re like a mosquito on Gaia’s skin. We locate a vein (gold, water, oil, …), stick in our big fat drills, and suck. A word to the wise…mosquitoes have also been known to explode.

Whether naturally occurring sinkholes are on the rise is debatable. Our ever watching satellite eyes and news from our ground zero urban sprawl certainly make it seem so. But these planetary wonders are not really an environmental concern unless they are filled with toxins. They are more of a social or economic hazard if they happen to occur where people live, near coastlines where sea water can contaminate ground water, or on land that people use to sustain themselves and their families with.

Furthermore, some holes are posers. They look “natural” on the outside but on the inside…they giggle mischievously as they conspire with indirect human influencers. Certain events like heavy rainfall can act as triggers if they cause enough pressure to destabilize an area.

Man-made climate change brings on much singing with the cats and dogs falling from the sky in droves, which entices the earth to get grooving to the tunes and presto! Gaia is shakin’ that as…phalt.

In the “unnatural” camp there are many provocateurs. Here are a few more vocal ones:

  • aquifer depletion— our society of “drink and be merry” is going a bit overboard here: our bodies, our farms, our Florida Fun, our fossil fuel energy, our nuclear reactors, …
  • mine shaft collapse— Gaia goes on a “take back” mission when we steal her buried treasures
  • broken water main— makes for some good mud patties
  • heaving rain— makes for some excellent chocolate jello pudding, yum
  • fracking— as brilliant as blasting a TNT stick in your house’s foundation
  • oil drilling— if we want to drink some black stuff Guinness has a high merry factor

But the most interesting theory I have discovered so far from is that this sinkhole epidemic is caused by the imminent flip of the earth’s magnetic poles.

Do you have any other theories to share?

The personal opinion of this Woman Not Waiting is “how convenient to blame something totally beyond human control rather than accept responsibility for our ravenous ways.”

What’s YOUR opinion? Are we the virus and also the cure?