This morning I opened my eyes knowing full well what was awaiting me— the biggest and most obnoxious duck I have ever seen. She was sitting on my chest poised to quack the alarm as prophesied in The Ducks Are Quacking.

For 13 weeks my mighty yellow-feathered friends have been waddling about Gangnam style about my brain and harvesting golden eggs from seasons past. They have taunted my faithful poodle with tom quackery. They have challenged my resolve. They have fulfilled their noble mission.

Now they line up as promised, threading their final message across the 5 oceans. They stand at attention patiently waiting for the quack, the one quack that will release them from their earthly duty.

Today is a day of days, for today is the day when…

The ducks dropped in to say good-bye
“The weather turned it’s time to fly”
They quacked and quacked and passed on through
Dear mighty ducks farewell to you

Sweet Kiss