Inspiration is that exhilaration we feel when we are one with everything and everyone as we transcend the laws of space and time. And what better day than on a sunday to tap into the universal creativity that is within you and I?

Did you know that true inspiration only ever comes on sundays? All other ideas are simply impostors. They sneak into our subconscious mind through the media, television, music, radio, eavesdropping on conversations (I admit it), opinion, and the incessant barrage of advertisements everywhere we go.

Sometimes we don’t even see the little bandits as they crawl up our spine, tiptoe around the back of our skull, sneak into our ear, and set up camp inside our brain.

Have you ever had an itchy ear? Mischievous little devils aren’t they?

They show up as the tenants from hell…squatters dishing out poop and filling us with lots of ear wax. Yuck!

You know those thoughts— the ones no amount of head-banging will dislodge. They could be as innocuous as a little song snippet that immediately triggers our hips to wiggle as we wait in line somewhere (although I can’t imagine ANYWHERE a Woman Not Waiting would agree to wait 😉 ).

Or the anti-inspirations could be as debilitating as the cutting words of a dear friend or family member who “in our best interest” told us to stop wasting our time and money trying to start that incredibly exciting fulfilling new business because 95% of them fail in the first year…and by implication, you and I are not one of the 5%.

Ouch! How’s that for an opinion worthy of eviction?

Those disempowering thoughts trigger far more destructive automatic behaviour than an embarrassing butt shake.

Luckily the Landlord and Tenant Act does not apply to your brain. The only protection these freeloaders have come from you, their host, and you have access to a mighty predator— the ominous inspiration that comes on sundays.

“Well, that’s just religious nonsense,” you say. “And it leaves out a whole bunch of people on this planet who don’t go to church on Sundays,” you protest. “Besides, you can’t spell.”

“That’s interesting,” I reply. “Hmmm. And a dig on my spell-checker as well.”

I wonder what parasitic thought is burrowing a nest up there near the optical nerve. Take a peak at the title again and remember that writers get a creative license to break grammar rules for effect. Life is indeed good. Muahahaha.

When the sun comes out and focuses its intensity into a laser of fully automatic energy pellets, the enemy is vaporized while leaving the rest of the brain cells intact. Just in case your wormy guests are thinking “nothing a little red wine won’t fix”, alcohol does the opposite.

Take that you little grey goopy vagrant for suggesting firewater as a viable quick alternative!

Floating above your crown chakra at all times there is a little light-bulb. The only kind of energy that will make it go “bing” is that coming from a frequency you cannot hear, see, smell, taste, or touch. It’s your own personal sun in a crystal dome. It is constantly filling up with really good stuff which builds up until you flip the switch.

Then zap! Lightening strikes and true inspiration is born. Yeeehaaa!

So you see, every day is a sunday. When your energy is focused on the gunk the world at large is blasting at you from the outside, your inner Igora doesn’t even hear you say “Pull The Switch!” She is exhausted.

What happens next when this situation repeats over the years is that the crystal dome becomes so hot with burning strokes of genius unmanifest that it explodes, leaving you vulnerable to the large dome of doom and a parasitic infection of epic proportions— your own personal epic.

For the next 13 weeks, we’re going to turn Sundays into sundays.

We’re going to Meet Your Inner Igora, put her on a health thought diet, boost up her immune system, and pump up her vigor so that when you say those three magic words: “Pull The Switch!” Igora will spring into action and shout out…

“Yes, Mistress!”