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Drinking Has Gyre Consequences

You've probably heard how drinking can have dire consequences. The most notable of these consequences is of course what propelled MADD into existence. But what about drinking non-alcoholic beverages?

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Today We Smell The Roses

Yeeehaaa! I have emerged from the famed 3-weeks-to-change-a-habit danger zone and I am free of Scott (whoever he is). So what's the prize?

By |July 19th, 2013|H-Rated|2 Comments

Plastic Seashells

Vanessa pulls out her smart phone, flips through her camera roll, and passes it to Ashley. Ashley stops to look at it. She squints, cocks her head sideways, and leans into it. “Those aren’t seashells.” Then what could they be?

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Cars Not Waiting

It's a scorcher again today and Ashley’s car is ready to do some cooking. Pumping toxic steam in the air is so last year for her four-wheeled girlfriend, so Becky the Beetle plans to indulge in a newly acquired guilty pleasure. If Ashley only knew what the Great Gazoo has in store for her.

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Don’t Mess With The Triad

While the water-energy nexus is a human construct, there is another relationship prevalent on this beautiful planet of ours which trumps anything humanity can intelligently (or not so intelligently) design. Any guesses?

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Vampires Not Waiting

Daniel has been acting so strange since he got stuck without power in the subway during the last mega storm. He is dropping by on weeknights later and later, working remotely from home...What is going on?

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Just Keep On Plucking

I saw a pair of dark, intense eyes popping in and out of my periphery.  The more I research and analyzed, the more frequent and more daring those eyes became, until, in an act of sheer desperation they parked themselves above the top edge of my computer screen and seemed to say...

By |July 14th, 2013|Duckisodes|2 Comments

Secrets in the Shower

I'm just about to jump into the shower...again. It seems my natural rose petaled scent of a woman needs a little refreshing before I venture out into the human world. But before I do there is a showering secret I just can't keep to myself.

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The Frankenfood Galaxy Invasion

In 1995, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) landed on Earth from planet Monsanto in the evil galaxy of Frankenfood and commenced their world-wide domination. How can we stop them?

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Skinny Mermaid Salmon Conclusion

A couple of weeks go by and Amanda is finally experiencing some lucid moments. By this time, her and Sarah have become quite close friends. The two of them are hanging out at Sarah's watching a sci-fi horror flick on WebFlicks when the real horror begins.

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Skinny Mermaid Salmon Continued

The restaurant manager appears out of nowhere and calls for reinforcements. A dozen or so secret service lookalikes come pouring out the back office and create a security zone around Sarah and her party. But why?

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Skinny Mermaid Salmon

It's girls night out at All-talk-but-no-pay-equity incorporated and the cubicle walls are starting to shake. Luckily for Sarah it's two dollar salmon tartare night at the new Skinny Mermaid fish house down the street. But what exactly is she eating?

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Welcome to Tropical Toronto

Tropical rainfall seems to be the new norm in Toronto. If it’s not the lack of sage in my diet or eating spaghetti sauce out of aluminum plates, or, shudder to think, the fermenting of my brain cells like a good wine, then what IS causing this shift in Toronto’s rainfall patterns?

By |July 8th, 2013|The Basics|2 Comments

Time To Pluck The Duck

I was standing here with a stack of stickies, a marker, and bright coloured poster boards strewn across every conceivable surface strategizing the WomanNotWaiting.com vision. I was excited. I was driven. I was compelled to pour inspiration after inspiration onto yellow rectangles when I got distracted. Was that a quack I heard?

By |July 7th, 2013|Duckisodes|2 Comments

Do The Math

What does the number 350 mean to you? In and of itself, 350 is still just a number, a factoid, an ace in your pocket when going for that final piece of cheese in Trivial Pursuit. It only acquires some meaning in our every day lives when we build some context around it, such as...

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Zombies Not Waiting

Jessie pops out the Queens–Midtown tunnel, takes the L.I.E., and she’s on the home stretch…for about 3 minutes. Arrrgh! She drops the F-bomb and stares despondently in her rear view mirror. She’s trapped. What now?

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The Home Of The Brave

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! I wish to honour (whoops! honor) my fellow Stewards to the south who are waving their stripes and stars today “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”. And who are the brave?

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What Is A Steward Anyway?

If you answered a medieval family clan from Scotland, then you would be onto something but  you wouldn’t likely win a spelling bee.  Your spellchecker however might give you the thumbs up. So what exactly is a Steward?

By |July 3rd, 2013|Featured, Motivators|1 Comment

Join The Junk Mail Hunt

Today’s challenge involves junk mail. High calorie, chemical filled, intellectually deficient junk mail. Like all inventions of the civilized world it has its pros and cons. So what are the advantages of prolonging the life of the junk mail industry? What about the disadvantages? And what does a Woman Not Waiting do about all this junk mail?

By |July 2nd, 2013|Daily Life|Comments Off on Join The Junk Mail Hunt

This Is My Canada

Today, on our 146th birthday, I urge all Canadians who care and who are moved by Earth's cry for help to serenade our Gaea, our home, and our life source with a Woman Not Waiting Canadian National Anthem. Want the words?

By |July 1st, 2013|H-Rated, Motivators|5 Comments

The Ducks Are Quacking

Right now the ducks are on the move. They are traveling Gangnam style all over my brain. They are traveling to places I’ve been, places I am heading to, and places I don’t even know exist yet,  picking up ducks of all different shapes and sizes along the way,  each of them carrying a little golden egg. What treasures live inside these eggs?

By |June 30th, 2013|Duckisodes, Featured|2 Comments

Small Is The New Big

You’re leaning over the sink staring at the mirror as you fumble for your toothbrush and squeeze a blob of goop on it. You turn on the faucet, pass the toothbrush under it and let water flow as you groggily poison your mouth with fluoride. Stop!  Rewind. Go back to the moment just before your hand reaches the tap. What do you tell your hand this time?

By |June 29th, 2013|Daily Life|4 Comments

What Are You Not Waiting For?

As women we spend a great deal of time waiting for things.  History has led us to believe that it is our fate.  Our valiant knights in shining armour even had a term for us: ladies in waiting.  Ooooo. Sounds romantic doesn't it?  The Queen didn't think so.  She was allergic to waiting. Red, oozing hives were not a good look for her. But for the rest of us?

By |June 28th, 2013|Featured, Motivators|6 Comments

Woman Not Waiting Unleashed

How can one person reverse the damage we have done to our water, our soil, our air, our fellow creatures, and ourselves? Great leaders have pushed humanity’s collective consciousness higher. Think of the impact of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa. But the challenges we face today feel bigger than all of them combined, so why bother?

By |June 27th, 2013|Featured, H-Rated|16 Comments