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Got Protein?

When it comes to food choices we need octopus arms to count them and then some. In fact, I am convinced that two-third of all Americans secretly have 6 extra arms pasted against their chest which magically bust through their shirts at the all-you-can-eat buffet when the other third of Americans aren’t watching. How else would more than two-thirds (68.8 %) of adults be considered overweight or obese and then half of those actually be obese?

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Drinking Has Gyre Consequences

You've probably heard how drinking can have dire consequences. The most notable of these consequences is of course what propelled MADD into existence. But what about drinking non-alcoholic beverages?

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Secrets in the Shower

I'm just about to jump into the shower...again. It seems my natural rose petaled scent of a woman needs a little refreshing before I venture out into the human world. But before I do there is a showering secret I just can't keep to myself.

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Join The Junk Mail Hunt

Today’s challenge involves junk mail. High calorie, chemical filled, intellectually deficient junk mail. Like all inventions of the civilized world it has its pros and cons. So what are the advantages of prolonging the life of the junk mail industry? What about the disadvantages? And what does a Woman Not Waiting do about all this junk mail?

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Small Is The New Big

You’re leaning over the sink staring at the mirror as you fumble for your toothbrush and squeeze a blob of goop on it. You turn on the faucet, pass the toothbrush under it and let water flow as you groggily poison your mouth with fluoride. Stop!  Rewind. Go back to the moment just before your hand reaches the tap. What do you tell your hand this time?

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