Stewardship Of The Drop

When John Kennedy asked Werner Von Braun what it would take to build a rocket that would carry a man to the moon and return him safely to earth, his answer was simple and direct. “The will to do it." Do we have the power of will with regards to our oceans, our rivers, our lakes, our water, our life?

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The New Black Market

Carbon. It’s not underground anymore. Humanity has been pulling it out of the ground for a good 150 years and there is no sign of slowing the hunger any time soon. Are the odds of reversing a 150 year old habit too insurmountable to even fathom?

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Stop Fracking With Me

If Gaea, our mother Earth, could speak would we listen? What if she could grab us by the ear and drag us to the time-out corner like a mother pushed beyond her tolerance threshold by a seriously misbehaving child?

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The Home Of The Brave

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! I wish to honour (whoops! honor) my fellow Stewards to the south who are waving their stripes and stars today “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”. And who are the brave?

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What Is A Steward Anyway?

If you answered a medieval family clan from Scotland, then you would be onto something but  you wouldn’t likely win a spelling bee.  Your spellchecker however might give you the thumbs up. So what exactly is a Steward?

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This Is My Canada

Today, on our 146th birthday, I urge all Canadians who care and who are moved by Earth's cry for help to serenade our Gaea, our home, and our life source with a Woman Not Waiting Canadian National Anthem. Want the words?

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What Are You Not Waiting For?

As women we spend a great deal of time waiting for things.  History has led us to believe that it is our fate.  Our valiant knights in shining armour even had a term for us: ladies in waiting.  Ooooo. Sounds romantic doesn't it?  The Queen didn't think so.  She was allergic to waiting. Red, oozing hives were not a good look for her. But for the rest of us?

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