The Tailings Gang

When you have a water leak from the ceiling in your ground floor condo or apartment what do you do? Water is fluid and stealth. She slips through the most unexpected cracks (many a plumber can attest to that as they bend over to fix a leaky sink) and weaves her way through the most unpredictable of places. What if the leak is underground?

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Mine If We Must

The logic corporations use to just keep digging is that our population is growing and we must satisfy the needs of all those billions wanting to live the unsustainable lifestyle that westerners live. But do we really need more? Or are we suffering from a profit-seeking paradigm that needs a sanity check?

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Imagine for a moment that the skies are overcast, like today in Toronto, and you are pining for the joy a little sunshine brings into your life. Unfortunately, the sun has decided to take a much needed break from your neighbourhood so you’re left digging deep into your reserves to muster up the energy you need to get through the day. What if you had your own personal sun-in-a-box?

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More Fish Please

It seems we have all the ingredients and technology that can make ocean farming a reality. We’re not just talking fish farms along the coastlines. There are companies currently fish farming in the open ocean and seeing results to their liking (aka. bottom line bounty). The question is: What are they NOT seeing?

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The Circle of Evolution

Today's post is a brief philosophical piece on the featured topic for this week, geoengineering, inspired by my current state of mind as I complete the last minute pre-production for a sci-fi short film voice recording session called White. Being the director is quite the challenge and a whole lot of creative fun! It's also [...]

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The New Black Market

Carbon. It’s not underground anymore. Humanity has been pulling it out of the ground for a good 150 years and there is no sign of slowing the hunger any time soon. Are the odds of reversing a 150 year old habit too insurmountable to even fathom?

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Supersize My Water

You are likely familiar with the fast-food marketing concept of supersizing your drink, your burger, your fries,…your waistline...that the supply-and-demand model of economics has brought us.  Never mind the fact that people are consuming more than they need and that it is simply making corporations nice and fat as well. What this economic principle has done is conditioned us into thinking that we deserve a price break by buying volume. What about water?

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Who Is Water?

Forums such as International Water Week are extremely important for discussing issues, presenting scientific findings, and forging relationships between benefiting parties, but do they really change our individual relationship with water itself? Isn’t that where the problem lies in the first place? And what is that relationship?

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Are We Burnt Toast?

In 1997, Captain Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Institute discovered what is now known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In 1999, he began sampling the surface waters of that area, in the North Pacific Gyre. What he found was that his samples had 6 times more plastic yummy fish food morsels in them than plankton. And now?

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