In the future, there are no oceans — only a toxic flooded landscape of dead water infected with noxious gases and debris from centuries of human arrogance. Most people don’t live past the age of 36. But Keeto, an armchair archaeologist and risk-averse bookworm, and his fidgety and adventurous twin sister, Elize, are different. The mystery behind their mother’s death is their salvation. If they only knew who they really were.

Nathruyu does. This otherworldly predator with the balletic grace of a tantric ninja is planning to lure the twins into a subversive game to destabilize the Pramam’s church-driven government, the Unification. Elize’s stability, however, is in question. For the past nine years, debilitating nightmares have drenched her mornings in sweat and are now fragmenting her mind, just like her mother. Keeto is desperate for answers before it’s too late and Nathruyu has them.

Advantage: Nathruyu…for now.

Just as Nathruyu stalks the twins, others are hunting her in order to get to them first.

Meanwhile, Elize befriends Zafarian, a dweeby genius in gadgetry and law-breaking with a style of his own. Keeto does not approve. A shadow of distrust follows the boys as they become more entangled with Nathruyu’s mischief.

Loyalties get tested. Keeto’s fear of losing his sister fuels his distrust of Zafarian, even as his visceral connection to Nathruyu seduces him. Fooled by layers of deception, the twins are forced to take some chances,

but will their gamble pay off?